About Us

With production bases in Asia, Athletik Clothing Inc. is a specialized Vertically Integrated OEM manufacturer and supplier of flatlock underwear, sportswear and outdoor clothing.



The Company has successfully produced and exported to many countries such as UK, US, Canada, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, German and France etc. The company has produced directly or indirectly for many global brands including Point Zero, Digital Clothing, Point Zero, BRP, Alizee, Action, Halti, Cooper MVP, Spalding, Newbody, Work-n-Sport, Terramar, Ullmax, Brekka, Choko Design, Dakota, Winchester, Bobux, Sportek, Chlorophylle, Windriver,New Balance, Superdry, Sainsbury, Bodyglove, Rhonisch, Intersports, New Balance, Superdry, Kuhl, TOG 24,  and Surfanic etc.



  • Production capacity: 5,000,000 pcs per year;
  • Strength: research and development;
  • With production bases in China;
  • All sewing machines are Yamato flatlock lock sewing machines;
  • Annual Sales: 23 million USD (2017)


flatlock seam (ISO 607)


Athletik Clothing Inc. also specializes in the production and exportation of new and performance fabrics and finished garments with performance fabrics including:-

  • Merino Wool fabric;
  • Polypropylene fabric;
  • Bamboo and bamboo nano-silver fabric;
  • Nylon/spandex, polyester/spandex fabric;
  • Recycled polyester/nylon fabric and
  • other circular knitted and tricot fabrics.

By working with a great variety of yarn producers home and abroad, Athletik Clothing Inc. is strong in the development and production of fabrics and finished garments according to Buyer specified yarns and fibers.